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crime before 1960-s

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PostWysłany: Sob 8:17, 16 Lut 2013    Temat postu: crime before 1960-s


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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Dołączył: 14 Wrz 2007
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send to a2k on Sun 10 Feb, 2013 02:35



17. Randolph County, N. Carolina, March 16, 1991

Public Abduction - Attempted Rape - Robbery - Murder
Abuse Of The Elderly - Murder

A black male,
Kenneth Rouse, 29

…abducted a elderly white female, attempted to rape her but she resisted too much so he murdered her. The black male then robbed her of her personal possessions. The innocent elderly white female is:

* Hazel Colleen Broadway, 63
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]


Jack Kilpatrick: Case is example of conflict between law and equity
By Jack Kilpatrick
Published: Monday, Sept. 8 2003 12:00 a.m. MDT

Lawyers for Kenneth Bernard Rouse should have filed their petition no later than 5 o'clock on Monday, Feb. 7. They procrastinated or miscalculated. Somehow they didn't file until Tuesday the 8th. The lawyers were one day late.

Lawyers for Kenneth Bernard Rouse should have filed their petition no later than 5 o'clock on Monday, Feb. 7. They procrastinated or miscalculated. Somehow they didn't file until Tuesday the 8th. The lawyers were one day late.

Rouse is now looking death in the eye. He has exhausted his state remedies. Unless the Supreme Court takes his case, or the governor of North Carolina commutes his sentence, Rouse will die for murder in the first degree.

The case presents a classic example of the conflict between law and equity. Within the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, seven judges have come down on the side of law, four on the side of equity. All of them are doing what they feel they have to do.

The underlying facts are ugly. In March 1992, in the course of an armed robbery, Rouse murdered Hazel Colleen Broadway. He is black; she was white. According to the evidence, Rouse stabbed her repeatedly. She died slowly. At some point he sexually molested her. An all-white jury found Rouse guilty. He was sentenced to death for murder, plus 40 years for armed robbery and 20 years for attempted rape.

After the trial had ended, Rouse's counsel made a disturbing discovery involving one of the 12 jurors, Scott Baynard of Archdale, N.C.
In 1954, Baynard's mother had been murdered by a black man in Jacksonville, Fla. He was 22 years old at the time.
He had failed to disclose this relevant experience in voir dire questioning. In an affidavit in 1996, Baynard said:

"I did not reveal this information during the jury selection process of Mr. Rouse's trial. I knew that if I disclosed what had happened to my mother, I would be excused from serving on Mr. Rouse's jury. I wanted to serve on this jury.

"I noticed similarities between the facts of my mother's murder and that of Mrs. Broadway. In particular, the pictures of Mrs. Broadway at the murder scene reminded me of pictures of my mother after she had been murdered. In addition, robbery was involved in both crimes, as were sexual assault and drug abuse."

Baynard was almost certainly right: If he had disclosed this personal history, he would have been excused — and he wanted to serve on this jury.

In a handwritten postscript to the affidavit, Baynard pointed out that 40 years had passed. He said, "This similarly gruesome family tragedy had very little, if any, effect on my decision in the Rouse trial." He added that there were numerous other factors, such as "bigotry," that could have been more influential.

After he lost in state courts, Rouse moved to U.S. District Court on a petition for habeas corpus. Denied. Then his court-appointed lawyers, Grady Jessup and Tracy Hicks Barley, prepared an appeal to the Fourth Circuit. Jessup is a professor at N.C. Central Law School. She practices law in Durham. They may have misapplied what is known as the "mailbox rule." In any event, their petition arrived one day late. The court, sitting en banc, refused 7-4 to accept it.

Judge Karen Williams, speaking for the majority, said that equitable tolling of the statute could rarely be justified lest "extraordinary" circumstances of individual hardship supplant the rules of clearly defined statutes. A policy of generous extensions "would loose the rule of law to whims about the adequacy of excuses." Resort to equity must be reserved for rare instances where it would be unconscionable to enforce the limitation and "gross injustice would result." There is nothing "extraordinary," she said, about attorney error. Because Rouse's attorneys could have filed on time, but simply failed to do so, he is not entitled to equitable tolling.

Judge Diana Gribbon Motz, speaking for the four dissenters, said her colleagues should have taken the case. In the dissenters' view, Rouse had presented a powerful constitutional claim that he had been denied a fair trial when juror Baynard was seated. The juror brought to the box a sense of "personal vengeance and racial bias." This prejudice "infected Rouse's death sentence."

The failure of appellate counsel to make a timely filing was "egregious error, disastrous error," said Judge Motz, but "I cannot join a decision that would allow the most minor procedural default imaginable to prohibit all evidentiary inquiry into such a serious constitutional claim."

For my own part, I would join the majority view of filings that involve only a prison term. Stick strictly to the rules! But I would join Judge Motz in urging a new trial for Kenneth Rouse. Here we're talking death — and death makes a difference.
Universal Press Syndicate. E-mail Jack Kilpatrick at [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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Dołączył: 14 Wrz 2007
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Ruby Mc Collum

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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Dołączył: 14 Wrz 2007
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Sheriff Gassaway and five deputies were shot and killed after attempting to arrest a suspect.

Sheriff Charles Gassaway and five Colbert County deputies were shot and killed when the sheriff attempted to arrest a suspect for obtaining goods under false pretenses. The suspect informed the sheriff that he would be ready to go in a moment but arrived at the door with a Winchester rifle. The suspect immediately shot Sheriff Gassaway, who was in the doorway, and the sheriff's brother, Deputy William Gassaway, who was standing a distance away.

The suspect then barricaded himself in the house as other deputies arrived at the scene. Firing from inside the house, the suspect shot and mortally wounded Deputy Bob Wallace, Deputy Pat Prout, Deputy James Payne, and Deputy Jesse Davis.

The suspect was eventually shot and killed after members of the the Alabama state militia, known as the Wheeler Rifles, shot over 1,000 rounds at the suspect. The suspect's body was then thrown into his burning house, that had been set on fire in an attempt to smoke him out.

Leave a Reflection · Update Memorial

Deputy Sheriff Pat A. Prout
Colbert County Sheriff's Department, Alabama
End of Watch: Monday, April 7, 1902
Cause: Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff James Payne
Colbert County Sheriff's Department, Alabama
End of Watch: Monday, April 7, 1902
Cause: Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff William Gassaway
Colbert County Sheriff's Department, Alabama
End of Watch: Monday, April 7, 1902
Cause: Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Jesse Davis
Colbert County Sheriff's Department, Alabama
End of Watch: Monday, April 7, 1902
Cause: Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Bob Wallace
Colbert County Sheriff's Department, Alabama
End of Watch: Monday, April 7, 1902
Cause: Gunfire

Read more: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

read more
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Dołączył: 14 Wrz 2007
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PostWysłany: Nie 7:14, 17 Lut 2013    Temat postu:

Violent Crimes: Black On White & White On Black

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
African-American Atrocities from 1900 to 1964
To perhaps many today the crimes I've represented below , which were committed by Negro males against innocent Americans, may not appear in every case to rise to the level of an atrocity. However, at the time in which all these crimes took place in American history, they were considered atrocities. And the American people - provoked - acted according to the times in which they lived.

"There is a widespread feeling that something is wrong with a race that is responsible for so much crime, and that strong remedies are called for. One has but to visit the corridors of the public buildings, when the courts are in session, to realize the part played in law-breaking by the Negro." W.E.B Du Bois (Book: The Philadelphia Negro - 1898)

1. April 25, 1899 - Coweta, GA
Negro Murders White Employer - Rapes His Wife
Note: Beware of the politically correct ‘new’ version to this attempted American family massacre. Academician Edwin T. Arnold’s book , What Virtue There Is in Fire, is (surprise) attempting to create victim status for the Negro murderer/rapist.

Okay, now let's get to the facts of this atrocity. An American, Alfred Cranford, along with his wife Mattie and their infant son, lived on a farm in rural Coweta, GA. Mr. Cranford was interested in hiring a day laborer for his farm and a Negro male, Sam Holt, whose real name (found out later) was Samuel "Thomas" Wilkes (AKA Hose), applied for the job, and was subsequently hired by Mr. Cranford.

On the day of the crime, Negro Wilkes attacked Mr. Cranford with an ax and killed him. The Negro then went into the Cranford's home and did some unknown injury to the Cranford's child, raped Mrs. Cranford, then beat her into unconsciousness. It's likely that after Wilkes dealt with the two Cranfords inside the home he looked for valuables and took what he could carry. A few days later Negro Wilkes was apprehended. When questioned by the sheriff, Wilkes insisted he was just defending himself from Mr. Cranford who - the Negro claimed - was coming at him with a gun.

However, since there was the evident attack on Mrs. Cranford and the infant inside the home, naturally, no one believed Wilkes' obvious tall tale about defending himself. Presented with the evidence, including the surviving Mrs. Cranford's terrifying description of her ordeal, Wilkes finally gave a full confession, which included implicating a black preacher by the name of Elijah Strickland in aiding him in his escape attempt from Coweta (note: likely Strickland was paid by Wilkes with money stolen from the Cranfords i.e. no one should doubt Strickland's involvement was solely for financial gain). After Wilkes' confession he was led to a tree, chained to it, then burned alive. As for the Negro Strickland, for providing aid to Wilkes in his escape effort, the white males hung him.

The politically correct new version: The new version to this brutal crime has Negro Wilkes (AKA Hose) pleading to get his justly earned wages just a little bit early so he could go see his ailing mother in Illinois. However, the mean ole Mr. Cranford wouldn't give it to Mr. Wilkes (because Crawford was white and Wilkes was black). After days of listening to Mr. Wilkes plead for his justly earned wages, Mr. Cranford finally became angry and drew his gun to kill the Negro (apparently because Mr. Cranford wasn't just mean but also a racist southerner who would kill a black man for any reason he deemed appropriate). By two incredible strokes of luck, though, Wilkes was able to save himself. Stroke of luck #1: Wilkes just happened to have an ax in his hand. Stroke of luck #2: Wilkes, observing mean ole Mr. Cranford going for his gun, and sure he was going to be gunned down, threw his ax and hit Mr. Cranford right square in the head, killing him instantly. What a miracle throw! (Yeah, sure)

1. [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] 'New' versions:: note in this link that Mr. Cranford has a gun with him. Why? Also in this collection of lynchings, note all the rapes and murders by black males. ( I'm assuming the victims of the black males are innocent white females. Black male rapes and murders were a constant menace to the white population back then -- just as they are a clearly documented menace today).

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

2. May 28, 1901 - Polk County, FL
Rape(?) and Brutal Murder Of American Female

A 26-year old American female, Mrs. Rena Smith Taggart, while fishing off a bridge was brutally attacked with a butcher knife by a 16-year-old Negro named Fred Rochell. She was later found floating in the river. Whether there was a rape is uncertain. There was a great deal of trauma to her body, including many bruises and many, many knife wounds. The young white female's throat was also slit from ear to ear. The overkill violence seem suggestive of Mrs. Smith not willing to let the Negro teen rape her ... and she put up such a fight that the kid was forced to kill her before the rape.

There was no question Fred Rochell was the murderer (local Negroes were the ones who rounded him up and delivered him to the sheriff). He stoically ran through the whole crime with the sheriff. That evening, apparently following the wishes of Mr. Taggart, the sheriff led the Negro murderer to an open field, where he was tied to a pole and then burned alive. There was not a huge crowd. Children were not present. It was no joyful event. Everyone was just glad when it was over. There was also no attack on innocent Negro people by the local Americans. The only lingering question that remained…was why would the Negro teen commit such an atrocity?

Note: Two different versions have developed to this event. One - incredibly - is trying to turn it into an atrocity committed against a black man (Ossian Sweet, during his murder trial in Detroit in 1925, is most likely the creator of the 'black version'). And the other one (the right one) recited by a local American newspaper in 1901, describes without an agenda. I have included links below which provide both versions.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
3. April, 7, 1902 - Tuscumbia, Ala.
Negro Massacre - Six American Males Slaughtered

What was suppose to have been nothing more than a routine arrest of a petty Negro criminal named Will Reynolds, instead, turned into a massacre of six innocent white males. The facts to this Negro atrocity are as follows: The sheriff, accompanied by his deputy, showed up at Mr. Reynold's shanty with an arrest warrant for receiving stolen goods and demanded the Negro come out. Reynolds opened the door holding a 45-caliber Winchester. The sheriff, without even a chance to blink, was gunned down at pointblank range. The Negro then turned his gun on the deputy (about 300 feet away) and mortally wounded him. Over the next few hours white males from the local community quickly gathered outside the Negro's home and they proceeded to try to flush him out. When it was all over four additional white males were dead and three were seriously wounded (this Negro was obviously one very good marksman). Reynolds, who's home was set afire to force him out, died in a hail of gunfire. He was then tossed into his burning home.

The Innocent Dead White Males:
* Charles Gassaway, 34 (Sheriff)
* William Gassaway, 37
* Hugh Jones
* Bob Wallace
* Pat Prout
* James Payne

Seriously Wounded:
* Jim Finney
* Robert Paterson
* Jesse Davis


4. 1904 - Statesboro, GA
American Family Massacred

The first American family to be massacred by Negro males in the 20th century took place in Statesboro, Georgia, in 1904.

The Atrocity:: Two Negro males broke into the home of the Hodge family, believing 300 dollars of silver coins were in the house, and brutally murdered the whole family (husband, wife and three children). This mind-numbing atrocity naturally inflamed the local American population in Statesboro. The two Negro men, Paul Reed and Will Cato, were caught, convicted in court (by Paul Reed's wife, who told the court the damning details of what she knew) and sentenced to death. There was no doubt whatsoever they committed the atrocity. The anger was palpable everywhere. It finally erupted into a rare American mob attack on the jail where the two Negro murderers were being kept. The mob broke into the jail and hauled the Negro murders out and took them to a field … where they were both then burned at the stake. It should have ended there. However, to many Americans the slaughter of a whole family by members of another male group was too much to bear. It was also made worse of Paul Reed's claim that a Negro terrorist group had formed in Statesboro dedicated to "killing all the well-to-do white people." Attacks then started on innocent Negroes. Many were reported to have been beaten and one black man was reported to have been murdered. When it was all over, most of the Negroes in the city, some reports claim, decided to leave.

Innocent White Victims:
* Henry Hodges
* Claudia Hodges (wife, possibly gang raped)
* Talmadge, 6-months-old (burned alive)
* Kittie Corrine, 12 (Likely raped. She also begged to be spared by offering the Negroes a nickel. Instead, they bashed her skull in)
* Harmon, 2-years-old ( burned alive)

The total number of Negro families massacred by Americans (white males) from 1900 to 1964 - that I could find on the Internet - is ZERO. Of further note, according to the US census for the population of Statesburo in 2011, it was about 40% African-American.

5. Oct. 1906 - Argenta (North Little Rock), AR
Negro Males Ambush Father & Son
Father Murdered - Son Survives

In early Sept. 1906, an unknown number of Negroes gathered at a funeral home owned by three [Negro] brothers, Garrett , Charles and Robert Colum. The gathering was an official Coroner's inquest, which was called as a result of the death a male Negro, Wiley Shelby, who was shot and killed by an American (Robert R. McDonald) during a barroom fight. An American police officer was stationed in front of the funeral home and was apparently preventing some Negroes from entering the inquest. One of the Colum brothers (Robert), however, objected to this and got into an altercation with the officer. Two shots were fired and Mr. Colum was discovered to have been shot and killed.

Senseless Retaliation Against Two Innocent White Males

Approximately one month later (Oct. 6th ), John B. Lindsey, a simple farmer, and Milton Lindsey, his son, were walking past the Colum Brothers funeral home when shots rang out, striking both of them. The adult, who died at the scene, was found to have suffered eleven gunshot wounds. The son survived with an unknown number of wounds. There was no question in anyone's mind as to who the principles were who ambushed the innocent Americans : Negroes Garrett and Charles Colum. A third Negro male, and friend of the Colum brothers, Louis Styles, was also quickly determined to be involved. Before police could arrest the three, however, they fled town - never to be heard from again. On the night of Oct. 6th, an American mob (some estimates put it at fifty) in retaliation for the murder of Mr. Lindsey, burned the Negro funeral home and the home of Louis Styles. The following day, police received word that on the day of the Lindsay murder another Negro, Homer G. Blackman, was seen running from the funeral home with a handgun. He was seized and placed under arrest. That night an angry mob of Americans again gathered, abducted Mr. Blackman, hung him then repeatedly shot his dead corpse.

Since the attack on the two innocent Americans happened almost a month after the funeral home shooting, no one should doubt that this ambush of the father and son was a premeditated racial attack. The Negroes were simply biding their time, waiting for the opportune “white” target(s) to ambush.


6. July 13, 1906 - Salisbury, N. Carolina
American Family Slaughtered

Home Invasion - Abuse Of Children
Five criminal-minded Negro males, Nease Gillepsie, John Gillepsie, “Jack” Dillingham, Henry Lee & George Irwin … tried to score some quick cash and other valuable by invading the home of an American family. In the course of their late night home invasion, four innocent Americans (husband, wife and their two young children), were brutally attacked with axes and, according to newspaper accounts, struck so many times as to make them all virtually unrecognizable. After the black males beat the four to death and took what they wanted, they lit the house on fire and left. However, they were unaware someone was still very much alive in the house. Because of the summer heat, a 14-year-old girl decided to sleep upstairs, whereas the slain family members all slept downstairs. When she heard the screaming coming from the death blows of the ax, she hid under her bed until she was sure the intruders were gone. After the Negroes had fled, the young girl rushed to a neighbor's house and reported what had happened.

The five Negroes were tenant farmers of the white male and it was common knowledge in the area that less than a month earlier a major argument erupted between the American and the Negroes over crop payment.

Very likely, the black males intended the dead victims to be burned beyond recognition so there could be no possibility of a crime scene investigation, perhaps believing that the police would think all died from an accidental fire. The surviving girl , however, ruined their "perfect massacre" scheme. When a grand jury investigation determined that enough evidence existed to try the Negroes for murder, an angry American mob decided to take justice into their own hands. Three of the Negroes were dragged out of a holding cell , beat, then hung. Lynched were: Nease Gillespie, John Gillespie and Jack Dillingham.


Note: Yet another [white] author, Susan Barringer Wells (Book: A Game Called Salisbury), is disrespecting the innocent dead white victims of a black committed atrocity. Naturally, as in other cases cited here, it involves writing a book and implying that the black perps (yawn) were most likely, probably I mean, could in fact be, innocent.

Innocent White Victims:
* Isaac Lyerly (husband)
* Augusta Lyerly (wife)
* John Lyerly, 8
* Alice Lyerly, 6
* Addie, 14 ( survived)

7. November 11, 1909 - Cairo, IL
Rape & Murder Of An American Girl

Negro Will James --Rapist & Murderer

At this period of time, many crimes were being committed by Negro males against innocent Americans in Cairo, IL. And what infuriated the Americans the most was that usually after the crime was committed the Negro would escape justice by fleeing across the state line (i.e. to Missouri or Kentucky). One Negro male, however, was caught before he could flee : Will James. After police questioning, James confessed to the rape and murder of a young American shop girl, Anna Pelley. When local Americans found out about the rape and murder they decided to take matters into their own hands. An American mob (some estimates put the whole gathering at more than 10,000) seized James from the local jail and brutally hauled him to the public square, where he was then hung; however, the rope broke so many in the crowd took turns shooting him. The dead body was then dragged to a field and burned. To the credit of the Americans in Cairo, in spite of Negro's atrocity, there were no reported attacks on the city's Negro population.
Note: Negro Will James became one of the most popular photo postcards in the US at the time. Also, the 10,000 estimate for the mob seems way too large. Cairo' census figures for 1910 show a population of only 14, 500. Assume 10% were black, that would put the white population at around 13,500, and the adult white male population at around 3800. Assuming an astronomically high 60% of the adult white males participated, the actual mob size then would have likely been around 2200.

The total number of rapes and murders committed against Cairo’s Negro population by white males from 1900 to 1964 - that I could find on the Internet - is ZERO.

A good read: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Of further note: Today, Cairo, IL, has lost most of its white population, due entirely to black racism, black hate, and the enormous cost of black crime in general. Link below shows some dramatic examples of what life is like in Cairo today as a result of black racism driving out the white population; then blacks failing to do what they have always failed to do: creating a sustainable tax base (i.e. creating business and jobs) to provide for their people.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

8. March 3, 1910 - Dallas, TX
Negro Male Rapes A White Child

A Negro male, Allen Brooks, who was described as "elderly," had been a trusted servant for the family of Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Buvens. According to accounts of the atrocity, the Negro servant led the Buvens' 3-year-old child to the barn where he then brutally sexually assaulted her ( a 3-year-old?!). Because of the constant crying of the child, Mrs. Buvens summoned her family physician. After the doctor's examination he informed the mother, and the sheriff, that the child had been sexually violated. Negro Brooks was then arrested and held in the Dallas city jail. When news of this Negro atrocity got around to the white locals, naturally, being the times that they were, a crowd of Americans immediately descended on the jail house ... and demanded access to the jailed Negro. Eventually, the crowd burst into the jail house, beat the Negro and then tied a rope around his neck ... where he was then tossed out the second floor window.


9. May 26, 1911- Tulsa, OK
Brutal & Senseless Ambush Murder
Of An Innocent
White Male Sheriff's Deputy
Newspaper::Tulsa World “Deputy Sheriff George H. Loney went to the Nelson home in search of some stolen meat. He found it and started to make an arrest when he was shot and killed. Both the Nelson woman and her son at first claimed to have fired the fatal shot, but it was later admitted that it was the son who fired it.”

Law enforcement officer's have the unfortunate task of being the ones responsible for enforcing society's laws. Many times - too many - the Negro , at least it seems to me, has never quite grasped this fact (past & present). The innocent deputy sheriff was simply doing his job:: recovering stolen property. It was actually a very petty crime and I'm sure the white male deputy wasn't thrilled about having to arrest the Negro woman (Laura Nelson) over a small amount of stolen food. Nevertheless, the Negro male (her son), to gun down the white male over something so petty, seems more than ridiculous. It seems like something a mentally challenged person would do.

The lynching of the woman: I don't get this at all. It was certainly cruel, even for those times. I also don't understand why the Negro male's pants were pulled down. What I do understand is that white people back then couldn't care less what the Negroes thought of them. Other than white males who profited from the Negro's labor, all other white people in general didn't like the presence of the Negro, male, or female. To white males specifically, they (Negro males) took their jobs and NEVER supplied any in return. This fact the white male was forced to bear. However, a Negro male's crime against his people was obviously considered an entirely different matter.

10. June 13, 1913 - Anadarko, Oklahoma
Negro Rape & Murder
Of Innocent American Teenager

A black male, Bennie Simmons, overcome by his desire to rape a white female, ambushed 16-year-old Susie Church. He took the young white girl to a secluded area, then raped her. After Simmons finished with his rape of the young white girl, he murdered her. Simmons was easily caught. However, a white mob was in no mood to wait for a trail and then 30 more days for a legal hanging. The black male rapist/murderer was seized from the local jail, then led to a tree and hung, though not by the neck but rather by his hands. He was then doused with a flammable liquid and, among a crowd of cheering Americans, and begging to be shot in the head instead of burned alive, nevertheless, was set on fire.


11. April 26, 1913 - Atlanta , Georgia
Brutal Rape & Murder Of American Child

A white male paid the price for a Negro's rape & murder of a child
A young American girl named Mary Phagan, 13, worked in a pencil factory, and when she arrived at work to claim her paycheck (it was a Sunday and the factory was closed), a Negro named Jim Conley abducted her, raped her, then strangled her to death. However, a white male, Leo Frank, Conley's supervisor, was to pay the price for his atrocity (a mob lynching). And though there is no source - that I can find - that claimed the young girl was raped, back then a rape would have been difficult to detect. But there’s only ONE reason to abduct a young and pretty girl: RAPE.

Note : It must also be pointed out that for those who claim that Leo Frank was used as a [Jewish] patsy for this crime, his professed innocence in this rape/murder is problematic. Regarding the murder, Leo Frank, without question, lied to police detectives when first questioned. Why? My personal belief is that Frank did play some part in this incident, most likely after it had already occurred (sexual abuse of a corpse? --maybe). However, looking at the slight physic of Frank (link provided below), no one should doubt that he likely did not possess the necessary physical strength to strangle the young girl. And since there were only two males present at the factory that day (it was a Sunday), that leaves only the Negro Conely as the other possible perpetrator. But would the Negro male rape then murder the innocent young white girl? Proof enough was the pile of dung Conley left in the shaft elevator i.e. apparently Conley thought he was going to get burned alive ... and literally shit.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

12. Oct. 9, 1913 -- Leitchfield , KY
SHOCKING Negro Atrocity Narrowly Averted
American Child Barely Escapes Attempted RAPE
Newspaper account of incident:: “when, it is said, she was attacked by the negro who was frightened away by approach of the neighbors.”

Around 8:00 a.m. an innocent 11-year-old American child was walking alone to school ... when she was suddenly ambushed by a Negro sexual predator named Joe Richardson. As he tried to drag the little girl to a secluded area she fought for dear life. Luckily adults were close enough to hear the little girl's desperate cries for help and rushed to save her from a certain rape, and likely a bone-chilling murder. Fate was kind to this white child on this day. As for the Negro sexual predator, an American mob - not surprisingly - seized him from the local jail and... Well, you know. Oh, and FWI ... Joe also became a popular postcard in this year.

Note: This event, like so many other incidents involving black males attacking , raping and murdering white people in the early 1900s, is being re-written (e.g Rosewood, Tulsa Riot). The new version has the completely innocent black man, the town drunk and ne'er-do-well , innocently bumping into the child --that's all. She didn't have a torn dress either. The implication of course is that savage white people did yet another wrong to an innocent black man. Don't believe it. I've created quite a victim's list of black male sexual attacks on white females>>> Link


13. Nov. 26, 1915 - Henderson, Kentucky
White Female Raped By Black Male - Black Male Is Hauled From Local Jail And Lynched
A pathetic Negro named Ellis Buckner, 25, noticed a young white female, Miss Mary Hardin, who was working alone in a store, and decided it was a golden opportunity to commit a rape. The Negro Buckner entered the business, forced the young white female to the back of the store then viciously raped her. The Negro then fled - leaving the female alive. He was captured a few hours later attempting to flee the county. After Miss Hardin identified the Negro Buckner as her attacker, he was arrested and charged with rape (a hanging offense). Within a few short hours of the arrest - on Nov. 26 - naturally, the whole town had found out about the Negro atrocity and was aware he was being kept in the county jail.

There was, and not surprising, an angry mood among the white Henderson population (a town of 20,000). Adding to the mood was that the girl was from a very prominent family in western Kentucky. However, the local police believed a mob could not storm their strong jail. When the mob gathered on the night of Nov. 28th to attempt to get at the Negro rapist, they were apparently aided by a deputy who allowed them in. The Negro, found cowering and wailing in his cell, was dragged out and into the street, then the public square. There, a rope was tied around his neck and, despite the Negro rapist's hysterical squealing not to be hung for his crime, the mob strung him up ... and then waited for his death. The mob members then left for their homes. The Negro rapist was found dangling the following morning. No one in the town came forward and volunteered they were part of the lynch mob; nor did anyone provide a single name of those who participated. To virtually every white man in Henderson, the cowardly Negro rapist got exactly what he deserved. These were the times in which they lived.


14. 1916 - Waco, Texas
Rape & Murder Of
Innocent American Female
A 17-year-old Negro male, Jesse Washington, brutally raped and then murdered an innocent American woman, Lucy Fryer, 53. After the Negro teen was tried and convicted by a jury for the crime, a local American mob gathered at the jail, dragged the Negro rapist/murderer to an open field, tied him to a pole and then burned him alive. The lynch mob also included the mayor and the former chief of police, whose presence was simply the sign of the times - which was meant to convey to the local Negro population that the two racial groups were separate and each responsible for the conduct of their people within their own communities. To the local American population, this was a cowardly and despicable act by a member of the Negro group toward their group. And there certainly was truth to that. Jesse Washington was indeed brutally treated before he succumbed to death, but no one should extend pity to him for that. Jesse Washington was well aware what he did was going to provoke a brutal response. All the pity and sympathy instead should be directed toward the innocent American female, Lucy Fryer, who had to endure Washington's rape ... then his murder.

The total number of Negro females raped and /or murdered by an American male between 1900 and 1964 in Waco, TX - that I could find on the Internet - is ZERO.

15. Memphis, TN, April 30, 1917
16-Year-Old American Girl Raped And Murdered By A Negro
On this date, A Negro male, Ell Persons (some sources put him at almost 50, while another source claims he was "young"), while out woodcutting (chopping down trees with an ax), observed a 16-year-old American girl on her way to school. Details are lacking, but he was somehow able to abduct this girl and drag her out into a forest area without anyone hearing her screams. The girl was found two days later raped and her body severely beaten and decapitated.

Since the girl's head was severed, which obviously indicated an ax was used, police surmised the crime was likely an act of spontaneous opportunity i.e. it was not a premeditated murder. Someone was in the area with an ax. Local woodcutters would be an obvious first place to start. It was said that many in the vicinity were questioned, but apparently the police zeroed in on Negro men. After the questioning of these Negro men (number unknown), police interrogators' suspicions were most aroused by one Negro, Ell Persons, who was a local woodcutter, and lived less than a mile from the crime scene. Persons later confessed to the crime. And, naturally, once police claimed they had their man, and it was, to no one's surprise, a Negro, a mob later seized Persons from the county jail and "[He] was chained down, had a large quantity of gasoline poured over him, and set alight." Crowd estimates of 5,000 were reported to have witnessed the lynching of the Negro rapist/murderer.

Rappel's mother gave a speech: "I want to thank all my friends who have worked so hard on my behalf ... Let the Negro suffer as my little girl suffered, only 10 times worse"

Innocent White Victim:
Antoinette Rappel, 16


16. The Houston MASSACRE (1917)

BEWARE. The Black version(s) are dominating this atrocity.

This event had …
--NOTHING to do with white racism

--NOTHING to do with the color line mandate (AKA Jim Crow)
If there is one event prior to the Civil Rights Act (1964) that should have convinced every intelligent person once and for all of the complete lunacy of the radical new concept of racial integration (a concept invented by the NAACP in 1910), it was the Camp Logan Massacre 1917.

On August 23, 1917, 156 Negro males, employed by the military for non-combat assignments, mutinied, seized (stole) weapons and marched out of camp toward the city of Houston.. Apparently, the Negro soldiers were going to the Houston police dept. to demand the release of an incarcerated Negro comrade. However, the undisciplined men instead broke off into wandering bands of marauders. Most went back to camp, but others decided to kill any white person who came along. The total death count from the Negro mutiny was staggering : 16 Americans, plus one Mexican.

For the mutiny and slaughter of innocent civilians, a total of 19 Negro soldiers were hung by the military.

Other then the Civil War period, the Houston massacre is the only incident in US military history were men in military uniforms turned their guns on unarmed American civilians.

Also, no one should allow politically correct revisionists to rewrite this craven attack and make blacks out to be the victims (i.e. white racism made the blacks do it - NONSENSE!).

Note: Curiously, the federal gov't put black males in the same uniforms as the white males, in effect telling white and black soldiers they were one and the same. While this might sound good today, back in 1917 the United States was operating under Pessy vs. Ferguson, which legally allowed for the establishment of a color line between the two demonstratively different male groups (remember, no was denying blacks the right to build their own towns, their own cities, their own industries, or even colonizing a place in America). The US military brass could have easily put Negro and American soldiers in different uniforms. This certainly would have alleviated most of the tension as well as confusion between the two groups (example: England and Scottish troops during World War I wore different uniforms). The confusion, if not hypocrisy, of the situation was evident with the following: Black officers were not allowed to give orders to white soldiers and, for the most part, black soldiers were not allowed to see combat duty. So why did the U.S. gov't deliberately violate the legally established color line?


17. Voldostra, Ga, May 1918
Terrible Negro Atrocity!

White Couple Ambushed Inside Their Home - Husband Shot Dead - Wife Shot & Beat Into Unconsciousness

White Victims:
Hampton Smith (farmer, deceased)
Mrs. Smith (shot, beat, left for dead but miraculously survived)

Note: The Negroes' ambush of the Smiths led to a rare American mob lynching of four of the five Negroes who participated in the murder of Mr. Smith and the beating of his wife.

There was also the hanging of a Negro female, Mary Turner, who was caught wearing the wedding ring of the dead white male's wife.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]


Omaha, NEB, September 1919
megro Male Rapes & Terrorizes Young White Female
Newspaper Headline:: "The most daring attack on a white woman ever perpetrated in Omaha occurred one block south of Bancroft street near Scenic Avenue in Gibson last night."

Coverage in the World-Herald was slightly less inflammatory:
"Pretty little Agnes Loebeck ... was assaulted ... by an unidentified negro at twelve O'clock last night, while she was returning to her home in company with Millard [sic] Hoffman, a cripple."
The white female who was viciously assaulted positively ID'd the Negro Will Brown as her attacker.
"Brown ended up in the hands of the crazed mob. He was beaten into unconsciousness. His clothes were torn off by the time he reached the building's doors. Then he was dragged to a nearby lamp pole on the south side of the courthouse at 18th and Harney around 11:00 p.m. The mob roared when they saw Brown, and a rope was placed around his neck. Brown was hoisted in the air, his body spinning. He was riddled with bullets. His body was then brought down, tied behind a car, and towed to the intersection of 17th and Dodge. There the body was burned with fuel taken from nearby red danger lamps and fire truck lanterns. Later, pieces of the rope used to lynch Brown were sold for 10 cents each. Finally, Brown's charred body was dragged through the city's downtown streets."

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

18. August 3, 1920 - Center, TX
Abuse Of Elderly White Female - Rape (?) - Murder

A Negro male, Lige Daniels, committed an atrocity against an innocent American female for which he was lynched. A photograph was taken (above) which was made into a postcard. It read: "He killed Earl's grandma. She was Florence's mother. Give this to Bud. From Aunt Myrtle." I'm sure Earl's grandmother had lots of family and friends who dearly missed her. I can only imagine the disgust she felt being raped by this Negro fiend. Then the murder... One can only guess how long it took her to die.

19. February 1920 -- Lexington , KY
Rape & Murder Of An Innocent American Child
A 9-year-old American girl, Geneva Hardman, was abducted, brutally raped, then beaten and strangled to death. Her body was found floating in a nearby swamp. Attention immediately centered on a Negro by the name of Will Lockettt. When police questioning him, he gave numerous inconsistent stories. Confronted with the evidence, Lockett finally confessed to the rape and murder of the little girl. When the governor of Kentucky received word that there was yet another Negro rape and murder against an innocent American, and this one being a child, the governor knew an American mob would very likely descend on the jail and try to lynch the Negro. He immediately called out the National Guard to protect the Negro and make sure he would receive a fair trial. As expected, an American mob (some estimates put it at over 5000 white males) did gather at the courthouse and, predictably, they were in a very uncivil mood. When the mob began to push their way toward the courthouse, the guardsmen (all white males) OPENED FIRE, killing six and seriously injuring more than 50.

In the end, Will Lockett did receive his fair trial. He was, predictably, found guilty and then legally hung.

* Seven white people died because of the sexually depraved nature of one Negro.

20. June 15, 1920 - Duluth, MN
Gang Rape Of American Female
A group of six Negro males, employees of a circus that had just come to town, abducted and then brutally gang raped a young American girl, Irene Tusken, age 19, while she was out on a date with her boyfriend. The Negro fiends also made the white male watch the atrocity being committed against his girlfriend. The young girl later identified - in a police line-up - all six of the Negroes. All six were subsequently arrested. There was absolutely no doubt they were guilty. A death sentence likely awaited all six of the rapists. However, a mob gathered at the jail in Duluth (some put it at more than 1000 Americans) and, rather than wait for the state to carry out a legal hanging, broke into the jail and took three of Negro rapists, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie, to a remote part of town. There the mob gave them a quick trial, including bringing in the white female and her boyfriend to again identify them as the perpetrators. After a guilty verdict was delivered , all three were then hung. As for the Americans who did the lynching, they may have believed justice was served, and a clear message sent to Negro males locally and perhaps across America (it was not uncommon for these events to quickly find there way into major metropolitan - including Negro - newspapers). This is probably to some extent true, but let's not fail to forget the innocent white female in this ordeal who, for the rest of her life, had to live with the memory of being a victim of a gang rape.

The total number of gang rapes committed by American males against a Negro female from 1900 to 1964 in Duluth, MN - that I could find on the Internet - is ZERO.

Note: Once again, there is an attempt to rewrite this Negro atrocity and suggest the white female (and the white male) concocted a rape story. For the sole purpose of trying to get a bunch of Negro males lynched?! NONSENSE. Oh, and did you know that the notorious liberal city of Duluth has even erected a monument to the Negro rapists? Sad, but true.

21. Macclenny, FL 1920
ANOTHER Gang Rape atrocity Of American Female By Negroes

In 1920, four Negro sexual predators were abducted from Macclenny city jail, where they were awaiting trial for a vicious gang rape of a white female. The three were taken to the outskirts of the city then hung. Identity of the four Negro rapists are unknown, as well as the exact date of this mob violence --provoked once again by the white man's persistent menace: the Negro rapist.

Note : This account of the four black rapists was obtained on Wikipedia, in their version of the Rosewood Massacre. Anyone with information regarding the identity of the Negro rapists, and or the white female victim, please leave it in the comment section below.


22. December 1922 -- Perry, FL
Negro Ambush Of Young American Teacher --
Rapes Then Murders Her

A Negro, Charles Wright, 21, was seized from the Perry city jail by an angry American mob and taken to a secluded area, tied to a tree then burned alive. The American mob became aware that he was the guilty party that viciously attacked an innocent young white female school teacher, Miss Ruby Hendry, 21, brutally beating, raping then murdering her. Note: Another Negro male, Arthur Young, was also discovered to have taken part in the rape and murder of the white female. Most likely, black male Charles Wright implicated him in the crime when he gave his full confession to the Perry police detectives. The following day of Wright's lynching, Arthur Young was also seized from the Perry city jail. He was led - by a thousand or more angry white males - and, like Negro Charlie Wright, also burned at the stake.


23. Jan. 1 to Jan 7, 1923 - Rosewood, FL
Rosewood Massacre - Two Americans Murdered

Beware. Black versions are dominating this event.

An escaped Negro convict, Jesse Hunter, brutally attacked an innocent American female, Mrs. Fanny Taylor, inside her home. He was also directly responsible for the ambush and slaughter of two American males who were part of a posse and looking for him; and also indirectly responsible for not only the deaths of four blacks but also the burning of the small town of Rosewood.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]


24. April 3, 1924 --Lexington, KY
Innocent American Child
Abducted & Raped By A Negro

A Negro, Ray Ross, 25, abducted an innocent American girl, Willie May Young, 9-years-old, and brutally raped her. For this atrocity, the Negro was sentenced to death. On August 28, 1925, in Lexington, and in a non-public forum, Ross was hung.

24. September 8, 1925 - Detroit, MI
A Planned Negro MASSACRE In Detroit

Note: Beware of black versions to this event (e.g. Wikipedea)

The REAL story:: In 1925, Dr. Ossian Sweet bought a home in an established American community - knowingly violating the color line - in a deliberate attempt to provoke the local American population to remove him. In three previous attempts over the prior few months in Detroit suburbs, Negroes attempted to move into all-American neighborhoods, only to be met with protests and physical expulsion. To the Americans this was NOT about racial superiority. It was about protecting their property values; and also protecting their families. It was no myth that Negroes moving into American-built residential communities would create a decline in neighborhood property values. It was also no myth that Negro males had a known crime problem. What the Americans insisted upon at that time was that the Negroes build their own community(ies) ... separate from the Americans. However, Negroes in Detroit, like everywhere else in American urban centers, as white people were now discovering by 1925, would NOT build their own homes. This was the case with Ossian Sweet. He paid more than 25% above the property's value for his home (where in the heck did he get the money from? Likely, the NAACP).

Note: There is enough evidence here to convince me that this was a planned MASSACRE, which was either orchestrated by, or involved, the NAACP. And after the MASSACRE, the Negroes involved were going to get Clarence Darrow (paid by the NAACP) to represent them. And buttressing the case for a planned massacre and Darrow's representation, is the fact that Sweet postponed his move-in date until after Darrow finished with the Scopes Trial in Tennessee. And what would be the the NAACP's motive for arranging this massacre? Coast to coast publicity among the black community for securing the great Darrow; and also, hopefully, an acquittal or a hung jury for the accused. This was, again, in my opinion , how it was suppose to play out.

Move-in date Sept. 7, 1925: First, remember there were three previous attempts by Negroes to move into American communities and each time the Negroes were forced to leave (there were no reported injuries). Ossian Sweet, naturally, expected this same scenario to play out. As ten American police officers stood guard in front of Sweet's home on September 7th, nine Negro males, who had carefully concealed a large cache of guns and ammo while helping Sweet move in, impatiently waited - in sweltering heat - for the Americans to come charging into the home to forcibly evict them; where the Negroes would then ALL open fire and kill as many as possible. As for their defense, naturally, they would claim they were just legally defending their property against a vicious and dangerous mob. However, no home invasion occurred on the first day; not even a hint of one. By evening time of the second day, the the Negro men, sitting in a small home in sweltering heat all day, finally grew tired of waiting, so they open fired on a group of people outside the home. One American was murdered and one was seriously wounded. There were at least 9 police officers (all Americans) stationed outside Sweet's home that evening. When the shots were fired the officers charged inside of Sweet's home demanding to know why on earth the Negroes were firing their guns. When the officer in charge found out that an innocent American had been slain, he ordered the arrest of all the Negroes (including Mrs. Sweet).

Clarence Darrow (as planned) was summoned and he accepted - being paid a mind-boggling fee at that time of $5000 dollars. In the end Darrow did his lob and secured a hung jury for all the Negroes. The NAACP also (as planned) used this case to get much needed publicity for its organization among blacks (after the trial Sweet was transported around the Northeast by the NAACP as part of a membership drive campaign). So yes, it does appear that the staggering fee paid to Darrow did - as the NAACP no doubt anticipated - reap huge dividends.

Innocent White Victims Of This Attempted Massacre :
* Eric Houghberg (seriously injured but survived)
* Leon Breiner (deceased, left behind wife and daughter)

Note: Sometime in the 1930s, Mr. Sweet was stripped of his medical license. Apparently, he was in cahoots with a black pharmacist, where Sweet would conjure up phony medical conditions on his black clients and then write them prescriptions. One can only wonder how long Sweet was doing this, and how many complaints it must have taken for the state of Michigan to finally act. In the late 1930s, Sweet's second wife left because of constant physical abuse (Sweet's first wife and child both died under mysterious circumstances --poisoned?). Sweet also took in a young black male as a renter, but he too fled reporting physical abuse. In 1960, Ossian Sweet, friendless, unemployed, penniless, hopelessly in debt and facing eviction, took the cowards way out by committing suicide.

26. April 7, 1926 --Hopkins County, KY
Gang Rape Of American Girl

A young American girl, Nell C. Breithaupt (age unknown), was kidnapped by two Negro males, Bunyan Fleming and Nathan Bard. Not surprising, the sole motive was to commit rape. The terror stricken girl was forced to a secluded area, where she was beaten raped by both Negro males, all the while threatening her with death if she dared to scream. After the terrorizing ordeal was over the Negroes fled, but left the American girl alive. Naturally, she immediately raced to the Sheriff and reported her abduction and rape. Both Negroes were quickly picked up trying to flee the county. The trial didn't take long. There was no doubt about the Negroes' guilt. The American girl was eager to point them out in court. She also gave the brutal details of what she was forced to endure. After the predictable guilty verdict, the only question that remained was whether these two Negroes should hang. Since it was a brutal attack on an American - an atrocity - and it was an all-American jury, not surprisingly, the sentence was death. On November 25, 1927, the two rapist were publicly hanged in Madisonville, KY.


27. January 19, 1926 -- Lexington, KY
American Family Massacred

An American by the name of Clarence Bryant , owner of a prominent horse farm, employed a Negro laborer by the of Ed Harris. Evidently, at some point the Negro decided he wanted to rape Mr. Bryant's wife, 32-year-old Mrs. Margaret Bryant. In fact, he planned to murder the entire Bryant family. Since the Negro employee had the element of surprise and, naturally, Mr. Bryant couldn't possibly foretell the atrocity that the Negro had planned for his family, it was just a matter of waiting for the opportune time to strike.
While Mrs. Harris was attending to the horses, the Negro first attacked and murder Mr. Harris inside his home. He then murder his two children (likely preteens). The Negro then waited for Mrs. Harris to come walking through the front door. When she did, Harris attacked her, beat her mercilessly, then repeatedly raped her. The Negro then strangled her to death, or so he thought. Mrs. Harris, miraculously, was able to survive by playing dead. When the Negro was finished scouring the house for valuables and fled, Mrs Bryant hurried to the sheriff and reported what had happened to her and her family. Harris was quickly captured trying to flee the county.

When the trial opened, not surprisingly, a huge mob of Americans had descended on
the courthouse and desperately wanted to get at the Negro fiend. However, once again, the governor had called out the National Guard, and the mob, no doubt recalling the result of trying to charge the courthouse six years earlier to get at the Negro Will Lockett, decided not to try to seize Harris.

The Negro Ed Harris was quickly found guilty and sentenced to hang.

On March 5, 1926, among over 6000 onlookers, Harris was legally hung. As for Mrs. Bryant, I cannot imagine that she could have recovered, emotionally or psychologically, from this Negro atrocity.

28. February 1926 - Georgetown, DE
Abuse Of A Child - Rape - Murder

In February of 1926, a 21-year-old Negro, Harry Butler was implicated in a brutal rape and murder of an innocent 12-year-old white girl. When the governor discovered that is was a Negro involved in the crime, he immediately issued orders to send in 2000 National Guardsmen. Despite crowds gathering in the thousands and demanding revenge, the Guardsmen were able to ensure a full trial for the Negro. Harry Butler was tried and found guilty of rape and murder. He was hung among 5000 onlookers.

Innocent Young Girl:
Eleanora Steinmetz, 12
29. May 3, 1930 - Sherman County, TX
Brutal Rape Of American Female

A Negro, George Hughes, invaded the home of a white farmer - after discovering the husband was not present - and then brutally raped the farmer's wife (name and age of victim are unknown). There was no doubt the Negro was guilty of committing the atrocity. He pleaded such in court to the judge. And despite the governor sending in the local militia to protect the Negro, then even calling in the National Guard, as well as pleas from the local authorities (likely telling people the Negro was going to hang for his crime in just a matter of weeks), still, the local Americans (estimates put it at about 5000) could not be calmed. They wanted salutary street justice (a lynching). In the end, they didn’t get it. The Governor declared martial law in the district.

No Negroes in the local community were attacked. However, most of the black businesses over the course of a few days were burned (looted?).

As for the Negro rapist, George Hughes, the one directly responsible for provoking the riot & subsequent burning of the black businesses, he died in a fire that was set by the mob at the courthouse building where he was being jailed.

The total number of Negro females raped by American males from 1900 to 1964 in Sherman County, TX … is ZERO.

Note: Also in May of 1930, in northern Texas and Oklahoma there were three other incidences of Negro rapes of innocent white females. These men were lynched. White males in Sherman apparently decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH and it's time to send a 'message' to the local Negro populace.

30. Marion, Indiana -- August 7, 1930
Negro Ambush... White Male Murdered While Out On A Date - Girlfriend Raped
Rapists & murderers: Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith

Three young black males, James Cameron,16, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, had a gun and decided to use it to rob a white couple sitting in their car. The Negroes walked up to the car and opened the white couple's car door. The white male, at gunpoint, was ordered to get out. When he did, he was then instructed to hand over his wallet (money). After he complied, the white male was gunned down. Two of the black males then, noticing the white female in the vehicle, decided to take advantage of the rape opportunity. Apparently, the other black male, James Cameron, decided not to participate in the rape and fled ... straight to the police and informed on his two comrades. The two were quickly arrested.

Lynching: When news broke of this Negro atrocity, naturally, it inflamed - and provoked - the local American population. A mob quickly gathered at the jail were the Negroes were being kept. The anger was palpable ... and the mob was not going to be denied their justice. They broke into the jail and, one by one, the three Negroes were abducted, beaten, kicked and dragged to a tree on the outskirts of the city. Two were hung. The third, James Cameron, was saved by the white female who was the rape victim. She insisted to the crowd, as the Negro had the rope around his neck, that he was not involved in the shooting or the rape. She saved his life. And, a fact that should not be overlooked, since the white mob freed the third black male this clearly demonstrated to everyone, past & present, that the American mob was not just a group of bloodthirsty people. They were out for retribution for a vile criminal act. They were also clearly desiring to send an unmistakable message to other possible Negro criminals/rapists:: STAY OUT OF THE WHITE COMMUNITIES WITH YOUR DEPRAVED CRIMES. As for James Cameron, he was sentenced and incarcerated for knowingly participating in an armed robbery.

Note: Here we have another effort being made to rewrite an incident involving a black rape of a white female. The new version (yawn) insists the rape never happened. Yes it did. All three blacks were charged with rape. Police just don't make up a rape charge. The female apparently claimed she was not raped by Cameron.

Innocent White Victims:
Claude Deeter (deceased)
Mary Ball (survived)


31. October 6, 1930 -- Hardinsburg, KY
Brutal Rape Of Young American Girl

An American female, Mabel Downs, 23, was observed by a 21-year-old Negro sexual predator, Sam Jennings, who decided a very good rape opportunity existed ... and he wasn't going to let that opportunity slip by. Details are lacking as to where the Negro sexually assaulted the innocent American woman. However, it was obviously a place where screams could not be heard. Fortunately, Mable Downs was left alive by her Negro assailant and was able to report the incident to police. Negro Sam Jennings was legally tried and then legally executed for his atrocity.

32. Fort Lauderdale, FL - - July 19, 1935

Yet ANOTHER Black Male Crime NOW Being Re-Written - The Negro Just Wanted Some Food - No He Didn't
Black Male Assaults White Female As He Tries To Force His Way Into Her Home

A black male, unemployed and homeless, Rubin Stacy, 30(?), apparently was hungry and decided to go to a white community and beg for food (evidently, this was quite common for Negroes to do). He knocked on the door of a white female, Mrs. Marion Jones, 30, wife and mother of three children. Details are sketchy but it seems the black male was denied food and told to go away by the white female, where he then tried to barge into the white female's home and, in the course of that act, assaulted her (striking her?). The white female screamed loudly and this apparently scarred off the Negro intruder. Later that day Stacy was picked up by the Sheriff and [a terrified] Mrs. Jones gave a full accounting of what happened to her and "identified [Stacy] as her assailant". Stacy was charged with assault. While on the way to another jail in Miami, Stacy was seized from the Sheriff, taken to a field close to the home of the white female he had assaulted, and then hung.

NOTE:: I want to remind readers here that this was a time in American history when white males felt duty bound to protect white females - particularly from Negro assaults. After the infamous Civil rights Act (1964), the protection of white females fell completely to the local police force. Result?
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

33. June 7, 1936 -- Owensboro, KY

Home Invasion Rape &
Brutal Murder Of
An Innocent Elderly American Woman

A criminal inclined Negro by the name of Rainey Bethea, 27-years-old, who had just been released from prison (incarcerated for a home invasion of a white residence), didn't waste any time to commit another crime. This time, it was an atrocity (rape & murder) committed against an innocent elderly American female, 70-year-old Lischia Edwards.

"During the early morning ... Bethea gained access to the home of Lischia Edwards by climbing onto the roof of an outbuilding next door. From there, he jumped onto the roof of the servant’s quarters of Emmett Wells' house, and then walked down a wooden walkway. He climbed over the kitchen roof to Edwards' bedroom window.

After removing a screen from her window, he entered the room, waking her. Bethea then choked Edwards and violently raped her. After she was unconscious, he searched for valuables and stole several of her rings. In the process, he removed his own black celluloid prison ring, but failed to retrieve it. He left the bedroom and hid the stolen jewels in a barn not far from the house." Wikipedea

The Negro rapist/murderer Rainey Bethea, among a hoard of 20,000 Americans, was publicly hanged on August 14, 1936. It was the last public hanging in the United states. It was also the only hanging which was supervised by a female (Florence Thompson had - strangely - become sheriff of Daviess County as a result of her husbands death)

34. October 15, 1938 - Ruston, LA
Negro Male Ambush - Murder - Rape

A Negro male, W.C. Williams , observed an American male and his female companion in an area secluded enough for the Negro predator to believe he could perpetrate a rape. The Negro though first had to deal with the white male. He did this by finding a club, sneaking up on the white male, then clubbing him repeatedly in the head ... until he was dead. Williams then turned his attention to the innocent American female. She was forced to endure Williams' rape but, miraculously, was left very much alive by the Negro when he fled. She reported the incident to the sheriff and a posse of Americans, led by the sheriff, went after Williams. Williams was found hiding in the woods and was led back to town to stand trial. However, an American mob of 500 or more had now formed and was demanding immediate and salutary justice i.e. a lynching. Negro Williams was taken from the sheriff and led to a tree, where he was then stripped from the waist down and - apparently - castrated. When this act was finished, the Negro was lynched. While his body dangled it was then riddled with bullets.

Innocent White Male Vi

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