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some psychopathic traits

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PostWysłany: Śro 13:19, 21 Sty 2009    Temat postu: some psychopathic traits

Here are some psychopathic traits:

[b]1) Glib and superficial charm;2)
Grandiose sense of self-worth; narcissism; seeing the self as the center of the universe; feeling “no one else is human, only I”;
3) Focused self-advancement without losing any energy on others except as stepping-stones;
4) No moral taboos or inhibitions as to methods, aiding career success until caught;
5) Need for constant stimulation, action, and new ways to avoid boredom;
6) Lying as an art form to fine-tune and a source of pride;
7) Targeting and manipulation of the gullible;
Cool Enticing people they do not love to naively love them;
9) Skill at faking emotions, including love, sincerity and regret;
10) Doing good work and good deeds solely to advance oneself;
11) Ruthlessness and “stopping at nothing”;
12) Enjoyment of the power to coldly end close relationships;
13) “Getting” others back as a peak experience;
14) Desire for vengeance when spurned;
15) Pleasure in firing or ruining people. In the U.S., where highly profitable firms routinely cut good employees to boost stock values, there are professional terminators who roam the country cutting staff and personally firing them;
16) Abuse and literal torture of living creatures;
17) Humiliating others physically, verbally, emotionally, psychologically or sexually;
1Cool Denigrating one’s own child or mate;
19) Callousness; lack of empathy and compassion;
20) Shallow or no feelings for others, even mates, children and friends;
21) No ability to feel remorse or undergo inner repentance;
22) Regret solely at being caught, embarrassed or punished;
23) Incomprehension of the angry reactions of those they hurt;
24) Underestimation of their own anger;
25) No sense of responsibility for one’s actions;
26) Parasitical world view: living by scams and not hard work;
27) Contempt for those who “play by the rules”;
2Cool Criminal talent, energy and innovativeness; [/b]
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