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Dołączył: 14 Wrz 2007
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PostWysłany: Nie 1:04, 12 Paź 2008    Temat postu: Zamach

According to a report by British investigative journalist Dr. David G. Guyatt, the CIA and various US military intelligence agencies have done research on mind control for several decades, starting in the 1950s. These research included how to induce illness/death, how to manipulate various human physical and emotional states and functions, and how to manipulate people's minds, etc.

It was not until the middle or late 1970's that the American public became aware of a series of hitherto secret programs that had been conducted over the preceding two decades by the military and intelligence community. these extensive covert programs bore the project titles MKULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH (MK being understood to stand for Mind Kontrol), BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and CHATTER. The principal aim of these and associated programs was the development of a reliable "programmable" assassin. Secondary aims were the development of a method of citizen control [based on Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control (Fontana Books, London 1979)].

Since many of the names of these research projects had the words "mind control" in it, why would the first aim of these projects be the development of an assassin?

Actually, having "mind control" in the name of these research projects was a way to shield the other purposes of the research. This is because the mind control research from the beginning included many different goals, such as how to induce death, how to manipulate people's body functions, in addition to finding ways of manipulating people's minds.

According to Dr. Walter Bowart's report, the principal aim of these mind control programs was the development of a reliable assassin. There are other information that proves this is the case.

Heavily censored CIA documents from a quarter-century ago [1952] show the agency considered performing experiments on terminal cancer patients under the guise of "legitimate medical work.["]

The memo referred to studies by the Office of Strategic Services, the World War II predecessor of the CIA.

The paper reported inspecting a lab for possible use in "medical research involving physiologically active chemical compounds.

"Human subjects would be available for work that could be carried out as legitimate medical research," it said. "Extensive animal facilities exist for other kinds of research."

These inducing death methods (cancer and heart attack) originally involved the use of chemicals. To avoid having these drugs from being found in an autopsy, they need to select special drugs to use. So, this method has limited opportunities for use.

Thus, although the original mind control research focused on using drugs, US mind control research was re-directed to mainly study electromagnetic mind control in 1960.

The direction of the CIA's research was changed to study how to use electrical means to manipulate people's bodily functions in 1960.

One of the goals of the CIA's mind control research is to develop methods to control human bodily functions using electromagnetic means.

The three major focuses of the CIA's mind control research:
(a) Constructing a "brain map" and then use it to control the human bodily functions

According to declassified CIA documents mentioned in The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the mind control program "MKULTRA" began in 1953. Concurrently, NIH scientist Dr. John Lilly was developing a "brain map." He mapped "the body functions controlled from various locations in the brain." By electrically stimulating the brains of monkeys, he discovered the "precise centers of a monkey's brain that causes pain, fear, anxiety and anger. He had also found some separated parts of the brain that can control erection, ejaculation, and orgasm in male monkeys."
Soon, CIA officials approached Dr. Lilly seeking collaboration. The cooperation quickly ended, and Dr. Lilly abandoned his research; he thought of "CIA agents on deadly missions with remote-controlled electrodes strategically implanted in their brains," and he could not tolerate the brain damage that would result from this.

In 1960, Dr. Stephen Aldrich (head of the Office of Research & Development in the CIA) led the scientists working under him to advance the "brain map" research. After searching through all available literature on the brain, they mapped out the parts of animals' brains that produced reactions when stimulated.

(b) Based on the "brain map" research, scientists developed methods of using radio or electrical signals to remotely control the animal's various brain functions (such as emotions, sexual arousal, and so on)
In April, 1961, they reported "we now have a production capability." It means they can control the subject's bodily functions and mental functions by influencing different parts of the subject's brain.

Clearly, the mind-control researchers can control the activation of human organism with electric signals since the early 1960s.

The goal was to adapt "bioelectric sensing methods... to SURVEILLANCE AND INTERROGATION, as well as for finding 'TECHNIQUES OF ACTIVATION OF HUMAN ORGANISM BY REMOTE ELECTRONIC MEANS.' " [my emphasis]

The Central Intelligence Agency funded research on electromagnetic mind control at least as early as 1960, when the notorious MKULTRA program, mostly concerned with hypnosis and psychedelic drugs, included money for adapting bioelectric sensing methods... to surveillance and interrogation, as well as for finding "techniques of activation of human organism by remote electronic means."

These inducing death methods (cancer and heart attack) originally involved the use of chemicals. To avoid having these drugs from being found in an autopsy, they need to select special drugs to use. Thus, they had switched to using anti-personnel weapons utilizing electric means (electromagnetic wave and radio wave) because they can strongly affect human bodily functions.

In the 1960s, US successfully developed radio-frequency weapon. This weapon can be used to attack the human heart and kill people (without leaving evidence of external injury), so it will look as if the victims died of heart attacks. Thus, the CIA's assassins switched to using radio-frequency weapon to induce their victims to have heart attacks.

The 1987 issue of Soviet Military Power, a cold war Pentagon publication, warned that the Soviets might be close to "a prototype short-range tactical RF [radio frequency] weapon." The Washington Post reported that year that the Soviets had used such weapons to kill goats at 1 kilometer's range.

From 1965 through to 1970, the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DAPRA), in a secret research project (code name operation Pandora), studied how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier [cerebral hemorrhage], etc.
Electromagnetic Weapons - Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society

From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DAPRA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called "Moscow signal." This project appears to have been quite extensive and included (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier [cerebral hemorrhage] and production of auditory hallucinations.

By using these techniques, the assassins can secretly kill anyone in his/her house, office, car, etc. when the victim is alone. Most importantly, these kinds of killing techniques can always make a victim's death to appear to be the result of natural causes. This is the exact goal of the CIA's methods of inducing death project "How knock off key guys ...natural causes..."

For example, a victim who is under custody (e.g. prisoner), they can frequently use chemical method (e.g. poison) in a target's food to cause cancer (see details later in JFK's assassination, Jack Ruby was induced to have cancer with poison, then died of "natural causes" when he was a prisoner.). By using radio-frequency weapon to attack their victims' hearts from the front (or the back of the target), their victims will appear to die of heart attack (or cardiac arrest). (see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ). They can use stun stick (or stun gun) to attack a victim's head to cause the victims to suffer cerebral hemorrhage. This method can cause the victim to become crippled/disabled and would appear to be the result of natural causes (see [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).
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Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 14 Wrz 2007
Posty: 1874
Przeczytał: 0 tematów

PostWysłany: Nie 1:05, 12 Paź 2008    Temat postu:

After many of these kinds of murders have occurred, it quickly got political leaders' attention and a serious question arose about these kinds of murders.

The obvious question is: Why would the victims of the CIA assassins appear to have died from natural causes? The reason is that these CIA assassins had used invisibility technology. The special features of invisibility technology helps cover-up foul-play which make victims' deaths to appear to be the result of natural causes.

What are these special features of the invisibility technology? Based on former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek's information: After using the invisibility technology, the assassins and their weapons all became invisible, tiny (as tiny as small ants) and can levitate. When they equip propulsion devices on their backs, these assassins can fly like bees, enter any place through a small hole, and secretly use their weapons to kill any unsuspecting victim (see details on Part II-A).

The victims' deaths appeared to be the result of natural causes because these secret assassins leave no evidence of an intruder, no signs of external injury on the victim's body, and no evidence of a struggle at the scene. Using these three reasons, local involved police can easily conclude that the victims died from natural causes and close these murder cases. Obviously, these three reasons are suitable for investigating regular criminal cases, but not suitable for invisible personnel's (assassin's) crimes.

How can the invisible personnel commit murder and leave no evidence of their crime?

First, there is no evidence of an intruder: these invisible personnel become tiny after using invisibility technology. Thus, by wearing propulsion devices on their backs, these assassins can fly like bees and enter a target's home/office/vehicle etc. through small holes. So, they will not leave signs of forced entry (broken windows, damaged door locks, etc.) at the crime scene. So, the fact that there is no evidence of intrusion might be used to show there was no "foul play" under normal circumstances, but of course it is unsuitable for cases involving invisible personnel.

Second, there are no signs of external injury on the victim's body: Some special drugs (e.g. ephedra - linked to stroke and heart attack) and the psychotronic weapons (aka non-lethal weapons, such as radio-frequency weapon, infrasound, etc.) can be used to induce illness/death without leaving signs of external injury on a victim's body. So, finding no signs of external injury only proves that conventional weapons (e.g. guns, knife) were not used. In cases in which the murder is committed with psychotronic weapons (e.g., Radio-Frequency weapon, infrasound weapon) or special drugs, no sign of external injury becomes a good cover-story for hiding "foul play".

Third, there is no evidence of a struggle: The evidence of a struggle are the result of a victim physically resisting against a criminal whom the victim can see/touch. However, when the murder is committed by these tiny invisible personnel, the unsuspecting victim would not resist because he/she would not see the invisible personnel and would probably think his/her pain/injury was caused by some disease. Also, the invisible personnel are tiny in the invisible electromagnetic field. How could the unsuspecting victim physically confront these tiny invisible personnel? Thus, there will never be any evidence of a struggle when the murderers are the invisible personnel.

So, the evidence of an intruder, external injury, and a struggle are useful in investigations of murders which are committed by regular people, but are unsuitable in investigations of murders committed by tiny invisible personnel (see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

(B) Besides using invisibility technology with illness/death inducing techniques to kill, the invisibility technology has been used by local involved police/agents to stage car accidents, and some cases have been reported:

The motivation for killing someone by staging an accident: The contrived accident is the most effective technique and do not attract other people's attention.

(Source) "Mind Control Murder" INVESTIGATIVE REPORT, A&E Network (1999).
De-classified CIA's Assassination Manual 1953-1954 (US National Archive)

For secret assassination, the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated.

How could they cause a target to have a car accident? The involved police, agents and recruited operatives will use (1) invisibility technology and stupor (unconscious) inducing techniques, or (2) invisibility technology and EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse weapon), or HPM (high power microwave) weapon to cause a car accident to kill the driver or the passengers, when their target is in a moving car.

These EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and stupor inducing method have been secretly used by local involved police/agents in the late 1980s. However, in 1994, the Clinton Administration formally transferred these kinds of technology and weapons (which use EMP and HPM) to local law enforcement. Using these method to stage car accident is an infamous tactic of their to eliminate citizens whom they dislike.

(Source) - Microwave News (on Nov/Dec 1993)
In November, 1993, a three day top-secret non-lethal weapons conference took place in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. The meeting was attended by numerous scientist, military weapons experts, intelligence officials from state and local police departments. The main purposes of the meeting was to prepare leading law enforcement officials for the use of psychotronic mind-control weapons. Amongst the subjects covered at the conference were "RADIO-FREQUENCY WEAPONS, HIGH POWERED MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY [HPM], ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY" (used to transmit subliminal voices into a victims head), VOICE SYNTHESIS [an advanced microwave voice device which can be used for mind control - Alan Yu note], ELF and APPLICATION OF EXTREME FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS TO NON-LETHAL WEAPONS." Col. John B. Alexander, Program Manager for Non-Lethal [psychotronic] Defense, Los Alamos National Laboratory, served as conference chairman.

Based on reported cases, local involved police/agents and their recruited operatives have used invisibility technology and inducing stupor method, or HPM (High Power Microwave weapon) to stage car accidents to kill their targets (please see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

(C) The invisibility technology can be used to secretly send snipers (with their guns) to any important place/location. After shutting down their generator, these invisible assassins (snipers) would return to normal size (after the invisible electromagnetic field fades). Thus, these snipers can get into any important location/place/building and assassinate their target. After the assassination, other invisible personnel would use invisibility technology on these snipers and take them away (this technique can also be used to secretly abduct a target).

For example, these invisible personnel would have been involved in the JFK assassination on November 22, 1963.

Why would I conclude that these invisible personnel must had been involved in the assassination of JFK? There are eight reasons: (see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] , or [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

II. The invisibility technology is used along with mind machine and microwave voice device for mind control by current involved police/agents.

Since 1950s-60s, the CIA had successfully developed a map of the brain that shows which parts of the brain controls what bodily functions. So, before mind machine was invented, the involved agents mainly used the invisibility technology to manipulate their target's emotion (from their target's head).

The CIA's mind control technology has been in existence for several decades and the technology has been transferred to local involved police/agents for the purpose of citizen control. The involved police/agents have since used these mind control technology against the American public, such as manipulate emotions, behaviors, bodily functions, and even driven some people to commit murder. However, they have been able to do so secretly, without the knowledge of their victims. How have they been able to do this?

The main reason is because they use the invisibility technology. After using invisibility technology, these involved police/agents become invisible, tiny (as small ants) and can levitate. Thus, wearing propulsion devices on their backs, these involved police/agents can fly like mosquitoes/bees, enter any place through a small hole and secretly fly onto a victim's head to manipulate one's emotions. In the early 1970s (1973-74), CIA had successfully developed the mind machine and microwave voice device (see information on these devices at
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] and [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ). Thus, after these devices had been transferred to local involved police/agents, these invisible personnel are able to use their mind machine to read a target's mind, or use microwave voice to talk to their target. By using microwave voice device, these invisible personnel can drive any unknowing victim mad, or mislead the unsuspecting target to mistakenly believe that these invisible personnel were angels, demons, the devil, etc., and then encourage the unsuspecting target to follow their orders to kill.

(A) These invisible personnel can drive an unsuspecting target to kill others, which will cause the target to be arrested. This is another method the invisible personnel use to eliminate their target.

By using mind control technologies (such as microwave voice device, mind machine, and ELF device - extreme low frequency waves can be used to implant artificially created thoughts in a target's mind, etc.), these invisible personnel can mislead their target (who have no knowledge of these technologies to mistakenly believe that the invisible personnel were angels, demons, or the devil. So, the unsuspecting target will be easily misled by these tiny invisible personnel to follow their orders (or driven) to kill others.

For example, this case occurred in spring of 1994 and involves a Chinese family who lived in New York. They came from China in recent years (This story was reported in the World Journal, a Chinese language newspaper published in the New York).

The man killed his wife while she was working. World Journal reported that the killer had recently heard a voice which told him that his bad luck would go away if he killed his wife. The husband followed the voice's "advice" to kill his wife while she was working at home. He thought the "voice" was coming from an angel trying to help him.

I deduce that this murder must have been caused by invisible personnel (such as the involved local police's operatives or invisible personnel from China who used microwave voice device on the target) instead of schizophrenia, as suggested by some people. That's because the invisible operatives could use the mind reading technology in conjunction with the microwave voices to set up anyone whom they dislike (see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

(B) In the late 1990s, many mind control school shootings occurred

Reported cases strongly suggest that these tiny invisible personnel had hid on some students' heads (for mind control purposes) and drove them to kill.

Why would many mind control school shooting occur in the late 1990s?

This is because the Clinton Administration had been misled into transferring the military's mind control devices and psychotronic weapons (so called non-lethal weapons) to local law enforcement since 1994.

(Source) - "High-Tech Civilian Control Studied," THE SPOTLIGHT, July 31, 1995, Vol. XXI, No. 31.

What particularly worries civilian scientist is a classified Pentagon contract issued earlier this year for the development of high-power electromagnetic generators that interfere with human brain waves.

"These electronic 'skull-zappers' [ELF] are designed to invade the mind and short-circuit its synapses -- the tiny electric impulses that control our behavior," says Dr. Emery Horvath, a professor of physics at Harvard University. "In the hands of government technicians, it may be used to disorient entire crowds, or to manipulate individuals into self-destructive acts. It's a terrifying weapon."

..."It is quite true that the government has no right to shoot or incinerate citizens resisting bureaucratic abuses of power," says Prof. Arno Roche of Columbia University. "But the use of mind altering electronic emissions may be even worse. It's use does not just violate the law," he added. "It effectively annuls every protection the Constitution provides for our people"


The above article shows that non-lethal weapons include ELF wave emitting devices (the author called them "skull-zappers"), which can be used to implant thoughts into a targeted person, thus influencing his behavior. Furthermore, such mind control equipment can be used by invisible personnel to drive an unaware person to commit murder or suicide, because "it may be used to... manipulate individuals into self-destructive acts."

According to a report in the Nov/Dec 1993 issue of Microwave News, ELF wave, radio-frequency, EMP, and HPM weapons have been transferred to law enforcement (see earlier source).

What is the real purpose of these psychotronic weapons (so-called non-lethal weapons)? John B. Alexander is a major proponent pushing the concept of non-lethal weapons. As Program Manager for Non-Lethal (psychotronic) Defense at Los Alamos National Laboratory, his opinion obviously should be used to judge the real intentions of the people who want to transfer these psychotronic weapons to local involved police/agents.

In the notorious 1980 article "The New Mental Battlefield" in Military Review, John Alexander stated that "[t]he ability to... cause disease can be transmitted over distance, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent cause. The use of psychotronic weapons would be able to induce illness or death at little or no risk to the operator. The psychotronic weapon would be silent, difficult to detect and would require only a human operator as a power source."

Obviously, based on these facts, non-lethal weapons are used to control human lives (induce illness/death). According to "Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons" by David G. Guyatt, John Alexander is dedicated to the development of a super-human soldier with enhanced abilities leading to an "invisible warrior." Thus, by using invisibility technology with non-lethal weapons, involved local police/agents can secretly control people's lives/health. Obviously, the Clinton Administration was misled into authorizing local police to have such incredible powers by giving them these powerful weapons, and thus causing the US to became a Police State.

This mistake gave the local involved police/agents the ability to easily control the health and lives of local citizens. It also gave advanced mind control methods to the local involved police/agents, allowing them to implant thoughts into their targets. For example, by using mind altering electronic emission to create ELF waves, the involved police/agents can implant artificial thoughts into the target's mind. The unknowing targets would then treat these implanted thoughts as their own, such as thoughts of committing suicide or murder. Thus, the local involved police/agents can easily use advanced mind control devices to drive an unknowing target to kill (see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

So, during the Clinton Administration, these involved local police/agents caused many mind control school shootings by driving some unknowing students to kill. Their goal was to use these mind control school shootings to increase the public's fear of gun violence, and then to promote gun control (examples of this are the 1998 Oregon school shooting, 1997 Mississippi school shooting and 1999 Colorado school shootings, see details on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] , or [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] , or [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

(C) Currently, not only have the mind control technologies been improved, but the associated tactics have also been drastically improved and have been elevated to an art form.

For example, besides mind machine, microwave voice device, the involved police/agents have used advance mind control devices using ELF waves (Extreme Low frequency waves at similar frequencies as human brain waves) to implant artificially created thoughts directly into a target's mind. An unsuspecting target will treat these artificially created thoughts as his/her own.

The most effective method of influencing a target's mind, which is used quite often, is to not only influence the target's mind, but also influence his family as well. When the invisible personnel are directly influencing the target, a group of invisible personnel will use mind control technologies on the target's family members and cause these unsuspecting family members to argue with the target in order to indirectly influence him.

Power always corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. After the 1970s, the invisibility technology had been transferred to local law enforcement. Since these involved police/agents can use invisibility technology to secretly control anyone's life/health, they became corrupted. Thus, the invisibility technology was neither used for National Security purposes (investigating spies and terrorists), nor used to combat crimes. These involved police/agents mainly use invisibility technology to secretly control anyone's life/health to advance their unlawful interests/power (see details at [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

The international invisible personnel group have been corrupted for several decades and have secretly assassinated many political leaders. The US invisible personnel group was either behind many incidents in the US, or intentionally let some incidents happen in order to advance their own unlawful interests/power. These incidents include JFK's assassination, 1993 WTC Bombing, 1995 OKC Bombing, mind control school shootings in the late 1990s, and the 9/11 attacks, etc. (see details at [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

Many other information also show that US invisible personnel group have become corrupted and have betrayed the US government.

James Hepburn (the pen name of Herve Lamarre) published a book in 1968 entitled Farewell America. According to, the real sources of information in Farewell America "included Andre Ducret of the Surete; Interpol; and, among others in French intelligence, Philippe Vasjoly, the chief French petroleum agent in the United States."

In this book, Lamarre wrote: "In 30 years on the job, J. Edgar Hoover has developed an intelligence system [by using invisible personnel to spy and collect intelligence - Alan Yu note] which nothing - no racket, and certainly no conspiracy - can escape. Through its extensive network of informers, the FBI knows everything worth knowing that goes on in the United States even in areas that lie outside its legal jurisdiction. The Dallas conspiracy [JFK's assassination] was born and took root in places where the FBI was well represented... By mid-October, Hoover had been informed of the existence of a plot and was familiar with many of the details... The week before the President's departure for Texas, Hoover knew exactly what was going to happen. Why did the FBI fail to intervene?"

This assessment must be correct because it was based on information from many insiders of many intelligence agencies/units and Interpol.

Furthermore, in a book written by two recognized experts on international spying (John Lofus and Mark Aarons), it is revealed that during WWII, FBI Director Hoover had secretly cooperated with the involved agents of foreign countries (such as the the UK) to collect intelligence information on American citizens living overseas (see details at [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ). Also, there is INTERPOL. This is an international cooperated organization between foreign police department and police can use this organization to track an important person or criminals in the world. Thus, US did secretly cooperate with the involved agents/police of foreign countries to collect intelligence and to secretly spy on their citizens living abroad.

However, if the FBI didn't use the invisibility technology and international invisible personnel group (secret network), FBI Director Hoover certainly could not have "developed an intelligence system which nothing - no racket, and certainly no conspiracy - can escape and [know] everything worth knowing that goes on in the United States even in areas that lie outside its legal jurisdiction." So, the US had shared the invisibility technology and illness/death inducing techniques with the involved agents/police of foreign countries for surveillance purposes, and has secretly control anyone's life for several decades.

So, this information from FAREWELL AMERICA also support Alan Yu's report that, by using the invisibility technology, these involved agents/police had secretly cooperated with foreign involved agents/police to keep all important people (from the US President all the way down to regular civilians) under secret surveillance, read their minds, and secretly control their lives/health (see [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ).

It was just a few years after FAREWELL AMERICA revealed the above information about FBI Hoover in 1968 that another information surfaced which shows that the invisibility technology had been used by local police department. Why? Former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo said in 1971, back when he was a police chief: "We know everything about the troublemakers. And we know who comes into the town, we know who's going to leave it. when they're going to leave it" (see details on page 181 of UNCLOAKING THE CIA, published by The Free Press in 1978). Police chiefs can know everything about troublemakers in a city under one of the following two conditions:

(1) Totalitarian regime: the entire population is under surveillance and the population's mobility is restricted. Thus, everybody is forced to stay within a fixed community, so that everybody, including the police, knows exactly who the trouble-makers are. It is kind of like living in a small town where everybody knows one another. Thus, if any stranger enters the town, he will be known to be a stranger by anyone who meets him in town. However, this does not apply to a city like Philadelphia because it is a large metropolis.

(2) The police chief uses invisible personnel in surveillance system and these personnel can enter people's homes for close surveillance. If there were no invisible personnel in surveillance system to secretly enter people's homes/offices, vehicles, etc. to keep a close eye on these troublemakers, a police chief of a large city certainly cannot know everything about them. This event shows that the invisible personnel have been secretly utilized on Americans by involved local police/agents since before 1971. Otherwise, the police chiefs cannot know everything about the troublemakers. Also, these invisible personnel networks must readily share their information between federal and local agents/police. Thus, former Philadelphia police chief Rizzo frankly admitted in 1971: "We know everything about the troublemakers [because the invisible personnel spies on them]. And we know who comes into the town [because the invisible personnel of other cities will inform him], we know who's going to leave it, when they're going to leave it [because their local invisible personnel inform him]."

This statement by former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo also proves that "We [police chiefs] know everything about the troublemakers..." The real reason is because, just like former FBI Director Hoover, they use invisible personnel to secretly spy on any person whom they deem important.

Thus, based on the 1968 book FAREWELL AMERICA's information and former Philadelphia police chief Frank Rizzo's admission in 1971, we know that "[before 1971], J. Edgar Hoover has developed an intelligence system which nothing - no racket, and certainly no conspiracy - can escape. Through its extensive network of informers, the FBI knows everything worth knowing that goes on in the United States even in areas that lie outside its legal jurisdiction." Those local police chiefs must also be like former Philadelphia police chief Frank Rizzo and knows "everything about the troublemakers...."

So how could the 9/11 attacks happen even though those terrorists had planned for years and had lived in the US for several months? What could have happened to the originally effective surveillance system that made it unable to stop the 9/11 attacks?

The real reason must be because US invisible personnel had been corrupted and only listened to FBI Director Hoover but would not listen to current Director Robert Mueller. So, Director Mueller would not get the inside intelligence from the CIA's invisible personnel, nor from the FBI involved agents, nor local police chiefs who use the invisibility technology, nor from foreign invisible personnel. Why?

FBI Director Hoover knew about the invisibility technology and had direct control of these invisible personnel. However, Hoover became corrupted during his time in power (see details on JFK's assassination on [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ). Thus, Hoover never intended to turn over those invisible personnel to be controlled by other public officials (such as future FBI Directors). So, in the 9/11 attacks, current FBI Director Robert Mueller would not directly get accurate inside intelligence from those US invisible personnel, nor from foreign invisible personnel...

Furthermore, the international invisible personnel is most likely secretly supporting Osama Bin Laden. That's why Bin Laden could escape from coalition forces and not be tracked. Also, Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq could have accurate intelligence for assassinations. If the US government cannot even control their own invisible personnel group, then invisible personnel, no matter where they are from, will be the real problem for the US in the war on terrorism.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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